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Zhongshan Jingxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is known for its best and top-quality neon signs and lights. Since 2006, we have been designing and manufacturing some of the best and most beautiful colored neon signs and lights for homes, offices, parties, and names, among other occasions, using the neon flexible strip light.


neon flexible strip light


Our experienced and qualified R&D department uses the neon flexible strip light, which is made of silicone material, which is tough, smooth, and flexible. It can be cut into any shape and size and used for designing and producing eye-catching neon signs, be it a shape, name, or landscaping that meets market standards and customer requirements.


neon flexible strip light


Neon flexible strip light-based products

The neon flexible strip light can be used to make the best neon lights for almost any occasion! Owing to its flexibility and multicolored nature, we have some of the most amazing neon sign products loved by many art lovers across the world. Some of the best and highest quality products designed and manufactured by our company include:

  • Glue-Free LED Neon Strip
  • Engineering LED Neon Rope Lights
  • Free shape DIY LED Strip Lights
  • RGB Neon strip


Characteristics of our neon flexible strip light products.

The neon flexible strip light is a material that has unique characteristics and features. And these exemplary features have contributed to the designing and manufacture of the many amazing neon signs that we have today.

  • Flexible: it is made from silicone material, which is quite flexible. The neon lights can be twisted and made into any letter or shape without compromising the quality or breaking.
  • Smooth: The material is smooth and gentle on the skin and environment.
  • Strong: The silicone material is also strong and tough.
  • Soft: The neon strip is made from silicone that is soft and can be cut into small sizes without affecting the next piece.


neon flexible strip light


The advantages of neon flexible strip light

The neon flexible strip light is an excellent part of making neon lights. This is why it is used in most products. Some of its benefits include:

  • Waterproof: It is waterproof, so it can be made and designed for neon light for outdoor applications.
  • Easy to clean—the silicone material that makes the neon flexible strip light is smooth and strong, and it can be cleaned easily without damaging the quality of the light.
  • Multicolored designs: made with a silicone material, the neon flexible strip light comes in many mesmerizing colors and designs to fit any occasion.
  • Easy to cut—the material is easy to cut into the desired interval without affecting the next strip.
  • Customizable: The strip can be easily customized to meet any customer's requirements.


neon flexible strip light


Applications of the LED neon light tube

Our in-demand neon flexible strip light is designed and used in many applications across the world. These are:

  • Indoor or outdoor applications; home, bedroom, walls, apartment, office, hotel, and building signs, among many others.
  • Landscaping
  • Gifts to family, kids, friends
  • Marine and boat lighting
  • Cabinet Lighting



Our advanced technology and hands-on experience make us the best in meeting the changing customer needs with the latest, high-quality, and cost-effective neon flexible strip light signs. For more information and inquiries about our products, contact us today.

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