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    Mirrors are often seen in our daily life, but traditional mirrors do not have other functions such as lighting. With the improvement of people's living standards, the design of mirrors is also developing, so mirror with lighting functions were invented. However, the design of the current mirror light still lacks originality, and the lighting is single and boring. So the current traditional mirror lights have long been unable to meet the increasing functional and aesthetic requirements of many customers.


    Recently, a luminous sign made by the imaging principle of a special mirror sheet material has become popular in the market, and the display effect is like a tunnel. This kind of mirror is called a tunnel luminous sign, also called "Infinite Mirror Neon Sign" and "Abyss Mirror Neon Sign". In addition to mirror function and lighting function, it also has decorative design function and viewing function.    




Features of the Infinite Mirror Neon Sign                                
"1. Product Material : transparent acrylic plate + LED flexible neon strip
2. Product Process: It is a creative luminous body composed of transparent acrylic plate and glue-free flexible neon light strip
3. Product Features: unique shape, bright colors, durability, long life, good decorative effect, energy saving and environmental protection
4. Product Application: bars, night clubs, scenic spots, shopping malls, parks, squares, KTV, commercial areas, performance venues."



    This kind of special, infinitely extending and customizable infinite mirror neon sign has become the most fashionable decoration in 2022        

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